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doing the pledge in school the land of the free, the home of the brave. >> john lewis and john carlos discuss their personal experiences during the civil rights movement live tonight at 8:00 eastern part of book tv this weekend on c-span2. >> jinger gibson is a congressional reporter with politic coe and here to talk to us about congress avoiding a shutdown but first we want to talk about what's been happening the last 18 hours on in the senate. tell us about the passing of the budget. how long did it take and why? >> the senate voted for more than 13 hours straight on the senate floor and finally arrived at 5:00 this morning on passage of a budget. the rules allow them to amend as much as they can. there are a couple of guys wanting to go until 7:00 or 8:00 this morning. luckily they stopped before that. host: for those who went to sleep at a decent hour and didn't see c-span's coverage ll night, what might they be surprised finding out what happened over night? guest: there were four that tic -- democrats voted against the democratic budget. the keystone pupe line was defeated and
divided than ever. as we have seen from john kerry's visit today, the tensions between the united states and this government, not very cordial. imbued with a lot of tension. a lot coming back from the community of nations they have not really a implemented. i would say that it is all because of a constitution that failed the entire public at large. basically taking segments of society and addressing themselves to them. host: this unannounced trip that you just indicated in iraq, these officials with the president on his trip, the associated press pointed out that there were a series of meetings over flights. iran says that this is humanitarian aid and that syria is getting the weapons or else. guest: a whole concern, as the israelis feel that regardless of everything going on, they look to the north and in syria they see it disintegrating. weapons are flowing into the regime of the time. if we discussed the threat to iran stabilizing, weapons would also be a threat to the united states and its interest in the region. host: independent line, florida, welcome to the program. caller: welcom
at the history, was your sense john kennedy enjoyed these conferences? guest: i believe he did. host: let's go to alex in youngstown, ohio. caller: what is his relationship -- [indiscernable] i'm reminded that world war i that wilson got the u.s. involved in is the first war in which mass mobile zation of the public was -- mobilization of the public was manipulated by propaganda. he says "the conscious manipulation of the organized habits of opinions of the masses is an important element. to manipulate this unseen portion of society is the true ruling power of our country." i'm curious what your guest from towson university said. you are not getting more information from the public, you are manipulating the public more. host: thank you for the call. let's go back to her earlier point about how this all came about. because you are talking about the first news conference in 1913. as we said earlier, it was an inauspicious occasion for president wilson. he was asked a question from the new york evening post and he responded that the president replied crisply, politely, and with the fewest possibl
. rogers. your. john pistole, thank for being here. we're fortunate to have you here in this important job. i found to be very competent and capable. i want to commend you on this list which you have come up with. i would like for it to be a little bit longer, but you made a good start. i think it is common sense what you have done. you know i am a bang -- a big fan of the pre check program. great risk-based approach to screen. as i have talked to before and in private before, we've got to push about a little bit faster and worked some of the kinks out. a lot of people are still confused about it. it is not at all the airports. there are some inconsistent applications. can you tell us, are you working with airline partners on ways to clear up what the program is, how people can get in it, where it is available? >> thank you, congressman. the airlines have been great partners on this. the five major carriers, and several others that are coming on line later this year, so as you know, we are in 35 airports, business airports. we announced the expansion of five more airports. we will be at 40
as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2013, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties with each party limited to one hour and each member other than the majority and minority leaders and minority whip limited to five minutes. but in no event shall debate continue beyond 1:50 p.m. the chair recognizes the gentleman from oregon, mr. lumenauer, for five minutes. mr. blumenauer: thank you, mr. speaker. this week we begin the republican charade of pretending to balance the budget in 10 years without a hint of how it really is possible. they intend to repeal obamacare, which was the central issue the last campaign where you remember president obama was re-elected, the senate went even more democratic, and the house democrats gained seats and won over a million more votes than the republicans. normal people would think tha
, welcome. john? manchester, new hampshire, independent line. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. , thank you foren reporting the facts. i believe almost every person is corruptible. if the media would report the facts, we, the people can make better decisions. -- too many people in [indiscernible] that should be their mission. host: has the story influenced your vote? caller: no, not really. i am a small business owner. so many small businesses have their spouses or relatives there because they can be trusted. i forget who it was that hired both of their daughters because they were cpas or whatever. i would much rather have my niece hannah my money than a stranger. -- handle my money. i think if people had more -- they will be able to make informed decisions. thank you for those thoughts. members of congress have said the same thing. guest: i trust my relatives, i want to have them do this work for me. i think you are right. our job is to write about it. this is why these records are public, and voters and readers can make up their mind about whether they agree or disagree.
that they are committed to. the top rate tax cut. speaker, john the banker? remember him. he has had a tough year with 1 million pounds. what does he get? of 42,000e tax cut pounds next year. half thousand pounds. double the average wage. that are ofe -- little better, bringing home 5 million pounds per year. the prime minister does not like to hear what he agreed to. 250,000t of nearly pounds. and at the same time, everyone else pays the price. the chancellor is giving with one hand and taking far more away with the other. disabled people are hit by the bedlam tax and millions pay more for the millionaires to pay less. the chancellor mentioned child for these 7 billion and offering 700 million pounds. what of the families waiting for the child care. they have to wait over two years, for the help to arrive. for the richest they have to wait two weeks for the millionairess tax cut. that is the britain of david cameron. the primerse, still, minister refuses to tell us, about whether he is getting the tax cut. getting embarrassed now, he has had a year to think about this, he must have done the math. so, c
went to cover the candidates and the administration. did john kennedy enjoy news conferences? guest: i think he did. i believe he was ready for whenever reporters could throw at them and could disarm them with humor. host: let us go to allen in ohio. good morning. caller: i wanted to ask about -- what was its relationship to the clear conditions and advising woodrow wilson at the time of that first news conference? i am reminded that wilson got the u.s. involved in world war i and it was the first four in which mobilization of the public was manipulated by propaganda. i want to read the first paragraph on propaganda. he says the conscious of intelligent manipulation of the organized habits of opinions of the masses is an important element. those constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. contrary to what your guest from university says, we are not getting more information from the public. we are manipulating the public let me go back to her earlier point as to how this all came about. the first news conference in 1913 was an auspicious
of the assassination of john f. kennedy. the 9/11 commission stands alone. that report stands alone as the broadest and most objective and complete report that congress could put together, and we have acted and reacted on recommendations from the 9/11 commission. we need to do the same thing with benghazi. if we do not, if we do not, mr. speaker, history will forever question whether there was a cover-up on what happened at benghazi. in fact we already know there has been. we know that the administration went out and sent susan rice out to do the talk shows, knife different -- five different talk shows on sunday several days later to tell us that all of this violence that erupted in the streets of benghazi came about because of a movie, a video that was produced. as far as i know the individual that exercised his freedom of -- first amendment rights to produce that video, may still be in jail. that's the only punishment that's come out that i know of from benghazi. i think he should be released. that's the first story. then we have different stories that were brought out of the administration, prie
holmes norton, john delaney and my classmate in this congress who came with me to congress in the 97th congress, my deer friend, frank wolf, and i would urge all might have colleagues to support this resolution and i thank mr. nolan and mr. barletta for bringing this resolution to the floor and i yield back the balance of my time. to mr. nolan. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from minnesota. mr. nolan: mr. speaker, we have no other speakers so we yield back the balance of our time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from pennsylvania. mr. barletta: i'd like to thank the gentleman from minnesota for his support and also the gentleman from maryland for introducing this very important resolution and for what it means for so many across our country. mr. speaker, i have no other speakers and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the question is will the house suspend the rules and agree to house concurrent resolution 19. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, 2/3 of thos
. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2013, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour ebate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties with each party limited to one hour and each member other than the majority and minority leaders and the minority whip each, to five minutes but in no event shall debate continue beyond 11:50 a.m. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from north carolina, mr. jones, for five minutes. mr. jones: mr. speaker, thank you very much. this week is the 10th anniversary of the unsess war in iraq -- unnecessary war in iraq. i urge my fellow americans and the public to watch msnbc documentary titled "the selling of the iraq war" friday night of this week at 9:00. the documentary sheds light on the manipulated intelligence that got us into iraq. unfortunately we have not learned from all we lost in iraq. as president obama has also committed us to an additional 10 years in afg
in the region. i have renewed confidence that the u.s. represented by president obama and mr. john kerry have intensified to remove the obstacles and the efforts to achieve a just peace for which the peoples of the region have long awaited. i wish to thank the president for his continuous confirmation of the u.s. commitment to provide support for the palestinian people and to thank him and his administration for the support that has been provided. this is did the development project. mr. president, once again come on you are welcome -- once again, you are welcome and palestine. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, president abbas for your generous words and welcoming me here. i was here five years and it is a pleasure to be back. to see the progress that has occurred since my last visit but to see the peace that so many palestinians seek. i return to the west bank because the united states is committed to an independent and sovereign state of palestine. the palestinian people deserve an end to occupation and the daily indignities that come with it. palestinians deserve to move and travel freel
about kelly ayotte and how she's been involved. they are the three amigos, john mccain, lindsey graham and joe lieberman, when joe lieberman retired, they were in search of a third amiga and they found kelly ayotte, someone who is very articulate, who has a legal history and is obviously someone who's a tougher lawmaker who's really sort of latched on to these issues and made them her own. i don't know exactly what she's planning to do with that, but it's interesting to watch because it's automatically given her a platform on issues that clearly get talked about. i think that's one of the most important things about women being involved in this committee. we always talk about these issues. host: we're talking about the female senators that sit on the senate armed services committee, the impact it's having on military issues. here is kelly ayotte during the committee vote on the nomination of chuck hagel to become defense secretary. >> this nomination in a very different place. i very much agree with my colleague, senator reed, who is here as he describes the state of our country and ou
's important that we make sure that we sustain this through the fighting season. over. >> hi, general. john harper. what would you estimate the size of the insurgency to be at this point? and how many insurgents have laid down their arms and gone through the formal reintegration process? on that latter point, plus-5,000 have formally entered the re-integration process. and it's very difficult to put a head count on how large the insurgency is. not least because i think it's always quite difficult to be clear about who the enemy always is. i mean, i always use the term insurgency and i use that in a very precise term because an insurgent is somebody who wishes to knock over the government. there are a lot of other people who may well be involved in criminality or furthering their own economic or political agendas who might not wish to upset the government and therefore be formally described as insurgents. so i think how you categorize who the enemy is is very much determined by motivation and i think it's a point that we need to keep focusing on as we try and understand the political dynamic
and fought at the battle of navareno. in turn john and fotius, orphans of the greek war of independence became passionate abolitionists in america. they were a member of the educational commission of boston and new york. f.s.c. a u.s. navy chaplain helped slaves find freedom by supporting the underground railroad. in 1922, recently arrived greek immigrants organized the american hellenic educational and progressive association in georgia to defend themselves against the ku klux klan. a helpa went on to help countless greek immigrants to assimlate into american society and weighed in on many of the most significant social issues of our time. including the movement for civil rights. archbishop, leader of the greek orthodox church of america, carried that commitment forward when he marched alongside martin luther king jr. in selma, alabama, in 1965. an iconic photograph of those two great leaders appeared on the cover of "life" magazine. the historical relationship of these two proud communities embodies the greatness of america. on march 25 when we celebrate greek independence day, we sal
. on the other end of the connection was john paisley. work.d come to report to lehman. declaim and will chair at 0900. he further stated the combined armies of egypt and syria would attack israel in four hours and there was nothing the israelis could do to stop the attack because it takes tel aviv defense force is 72 hours to mobilize. my on the question was, are you certain? he said henry kissinger was called to inform -- w. to langley to confirm. then i turned leghman it was in the car waiting. then we went to the pentagon there were a lot of notable military and intelligence officers, help the number of action officers racing back and forth. reports were flowing egyptian forces were poised -- or were crossing the canal. the intelligence for increase. intelligence reports increased. we have reports of dogfights between israeli and syrian aircraft. saidhis point dick leghman leman, we can do no good here and i suggest we return where we might be able to do good. that was a very interesting and paralyzing event. when we returned to langley, all of the senior officers were present. of middlem
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16